In-Ovation® System Braces


Your choice for a beautiful smile.

We proudly provide our patients with braces from In-Ovation®.

In-Ovation is a new, technically advanced system that helps you get amazing results faster, often months sooner than with traditional braces (depending on your treatment needs). You get the radiant smile you have always wanted, in fewer office visits than traditional braces, and without ugly, uncomfortable rubber bands and ties. The office visits you do have will be shorter, because In-Ovation braces never need to be tightened! In-Ovation gently pushes teeth into place, making the path to a beautiful smile faster and more comfortable than ever!

Traditional Braces V.S. In-Ovation

Older braces use elastics and ties to apply pressure and friction on teeth, slowing treatment and causing discomfort. With In-Ovation systems, straightening your teeth is faster, easier, and more comfortable, resulting in improved facial proportion and appearance.

In-Ovation Options

In-Ovation comes in two great-looking, comfortable styles. Your doctor can tell you which In-Ovation bracket is best for you!

In-Ovation R

is a smaller, lower-profile bracket. Free from elastic and metal ties, you’ll experience less irritation, plaque build-up, and difficulty cleaning your teeth.

In-Ovation C

has the added benefit of improved aesthetics.It uses a translucent, ceramic bracket to offer fast and comfortable treatment.