The Damon System

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No matter your age, having braces can be stressful to deal with. There are a few different ways to make the prospect of braces easier to deal with. The Damon System is one of the best systems that will not only make your orthodontic treatment faster, but make it easier to manage. For those who are looking towards the prospect of braces with dread, consider Damon System braces. You will find a more positive experience for your situation, with the results you really want.

How it works

There have been many hours of time and research dedicated to the Damon System, perfecting it for our patients. Because of this, there are a few different aspects that set this system above other systems with braces. With the Damon System, you can take advantage of:

  • Shorter procedure time – With this procedure, you will get improved results with your teeth in a shorter amount of time. In many situations, this can lead to shedding months off your treatment time. Each situation needs to be analyzed, finding the specific needs of the teeth, and what needs to happen from there.
  • Simplified methods – this is one of the least complex methods for straightening your teeth. Instead of traditional braces, this uses easier means to move your teeth to just the right spot.
  • Fewer appointments – Because of the way these braces work, they require fewer adjustments to be made. You don’t have to make as much time in your schedule for these appointments by taking advantage of this system.
  • Comfort – one of the biggest complaints of traditional braces is the fact that they are often uncomfortable, especially at first. This system can work to move your teeth in the right position with more comfort.

There are many advantages that can come from the Damon System with braces. Talk with us at your first appointment to see if this is the best method for you, and how to take advantage of the benefits it can bring. Start your path to straighter teeth today!

By +Cassie Costner