Children’s Orthodontist

When Should My Child Visit an Orthodontist?

Children should see an orthodontist by the time they turn seven years old to determine if and when they will need treatment. The first permanent molars and incisors usually come in by age seven, enabling us to see if crowding, crossbites, or other problems will be an issue.

Our page for new patients gives information about the consultation process and the appropriate expectations for your first visit. Your child will thank you later on for visiting the orthodontist early in their development: early detection now leads to shorter treatment later!

Visiting a kid’s orthodontist can:

  • Eliminate abnormal swallowing or speech problems
  • Guide jaw growth
  • Correct thumb-sucking
  • Guide incoming permanent teeth
  • Avoid impacted permanent teeth
  • Eliminate the need for permanent tooth extraction
  • Regulate upper and lower arch-width
  • Make space for permanent teeth

If you’re concerned about your child’s teeth, be sure to schedule a complimentary exam with our children’s orthodontist.