Why McDonough Family Orthodontics?

  1. We are the Dentist’s choice. Many dentists
    and dental professionals refer their patients and
    family members to our office for orthodontic care.
    We have treated and continue to treat them and
    their families because they trust the care and result
    they will receive from McDonough Orthodontics.
  2. Convenience. We make it easy to schedule appointments,
    arrange financing options, and we’re right off of the freeway.
  3. Our team. Members of our Utah family orthodontics team have been exceptionally trained, have many years’ experience, and are super friendly!
  4. We love our patients. And our patients love us. The majority of the patients
    we see have been referred to us by their family and friends.
  5. Excellent emergency care. We will always go above and beyond to make sure someone is available to care for you and your family.