Are Clear Aligners an Option for You?

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McDonough Orthodontics is one of the top orthodontic practices for clear aligners in Salt Lake City.

Clear aligners are a popular alternative to braces. They are the perfect treatment to get you the smile you want without using traditional braces.

The technology of clear aligners gradually straightens teeth using a series of invisible, removable clear aligner trays. The trays are custom-designed for your smile using 3-D imaging technology.

After wearing your aligner for a few weeks, you will switch to the next one in the series. This will gradually guide your smile into place.

Clear Aligners Procedure

Your First Step

The first step of your treatment is to come in and get a consultation. After that, we will use advanced 3-D imaging technology to make a digital scan of your teeth. We use this digital scan to map out your custom treatment plan.

 Your First Set of Aligners

After we map out your treatment, you will come into the office again to get your first set of aligners and start your treatment. We will then schedule your next office visit.

You will receive multiple aligners at each visit that will last you until your next visit. We will tell you how long to wear each aligner, usually one to two weeks, before throwing it out and putting in the next aligner in the series.

Wearing Your Aligners

Typically, you’ll come in for an office visit every six to eight weeks to have your teeth and mouth 3D-assessed and get your next set of aligners.

Overall, you’re likely to have fewer office visits than you would if you had braces. You can go home with a bunch of aligners and swap them out every few weeks rather than coming in each time to get your braces tightened.

Whenever you put in a new aligner, expect it to feel snug and fit tightly over your teeth. We design it to put pressure on your teeth to make them move.

It should snap into place over your teeth. You may need to use force and wedge your fingernails under the edges near your gums to pop your aligner back off when needed.

Wear your aligner for about 22 hours daily for the best and fastest results. The two hours a day you have without your aligner are for eating, drinking, and brushing your teeth.

The Benefits of Clear Aligners

One of the main benefits of clear aligners is that you get the smile you want without all the hassle of braces.

You avoid the hassles of the metal wires of braces, such as getting food stuck in them or the wires cutting the inside of your cheek.

Another great benefit of clear aligners is that the trays are practically invisible. Some people think braces look unappealing. You will not worry about anyone seeing the wires or brackets when you smile. It is an excellent option for teens and adults as they can confidently smile while straightening their teeth.

Last but certainly not least, there are no food restrictions. When you choose traditional methods for straightening your teeth, there are food items that you can’t consume. Fortunately, with clear aligners, you can eat anything you want because you remove your tray before you eat.

Final Words

Clear aligners are an excellent orthodontic treatment option, but that does not mean that braces are not also very effective. We can go over all your treatment options before you start your treatment. If you are looking for clear aligner’s treatment or any other orthodontic care in Salt Lake City, visit us for a free consultation.



Dr. David McDonough

McDonough Orthodontics

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