How to Keep Your Teeth White with Braces

By April 30, 2014Uncategorized

braces in murray utahFor some, the prospect of braces may seem to throw a wrench in your dental plan. Don’t despair! There are ways to keep your teeth white as ever, even when using braces. Through proper dental care you can prevent stains and yellowing from occurring around the brackets.

Start employing these techniques when first wearing braces and continue throughout the process. This will lessen the chance of yellowing later down the line, leaving you with a straight and beautiful smile by the end of the procedure.

The Toothbrush

Your toothbrush is important no matter if you have braces or not. Ask your orthodontist for suggestions on which toothbrush is right for you.

There are orthodontic brushes that are designed specifically to get in the tight spaces between wires and brackets. These brushes have uniquely shaped bristles to help get through the wires and clean between the teeth better.

In addition to this, use a proxy brush to get food particles from between the wires and around the brackets. Ultimately, it is best to use a soft bristle toothbrush that will be gentle on your teeth and braces. This will give you a deep clean that removes plaque and yellow spots, keeping your teeth clean with braces.

When To Brush

Although it is normal to want to brush your teeth directly after eating, it is best to wait at least half an hour before doing so. The sugars from your food will sit heavily, softening the enamel. Brushing at this point will only increase the damage.

With that being said, you should brush after every meal. Food has more of a possibility of getting stuck in your teeth with the additional bother of braces. Brushing your teeth will reduce this problem.

How To Brush

To most effectively brush your teeth with braces, first gargle and swish some mouthwash or water around your mouth. This will loosen and remove at least some of the food particles. When you use your toothbrush, angle the toothbrush upward, and then downward for every section of your teeth.

Brush using a circular pattern for at least two minutes. Give yourself extra time if necessary to get rid of the food particles that have settled in your mouth. After you are finished, use mouthwash again to rinse out anything that may be lingering.

Keeping your teeth in the best condition during braces is vital. Don’t let the straightening process make it difficult to keep your teeth clean. Keeping your teeth white with braces by following these techniques will help you avoid yellow spots on your teeth after the procedure is over. If you have questions, schedule an appointment at our Utah Orthodontist Office.

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