McDonough Patient Questionnaire: Cheryl

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Here at McDonough, we love hearing back from our patients who have had a positive experience as we work together to perfect their smile. For the past fifteen months, Cheryl has been a wonderful patient to work with, always bringing a smile to our faces. Take a look at what Cheryl had to say of her experience with McDonough:

Cheryl Andrew Initial Nov. 1st, 2011

Cheryl Andrew Progress 2

Cheryl Andrew Final

What Made You Choose McDonough Orthodontics?

I chose McDonough because, after getting consults from a couple of places, they gave me the lowest time frame estimate and the lowest price.

How long did you wear braces?

I had the braces on for 15 months. It was supposed to be 18, but they took them off 3 months early. (The other orthodontist quoted me at 24 months.) I don’t know if this is because I had been telling them for a year “They look awesome, let’s take ’em off” or if it’s because they got tired of my shenanigans. It’s also possible that the self-litigating braces I got really are effective and amazing, which is something that is backed up by the fact that my roots are all lined up now, but I prefer to think of it as a consequence of my shenanigans.

What were your initial thoughts getting braces as an adult?

My first thoughts were “Holy cow I’m an adult with braces, everyone is going to be well within their rights to make fun of me.” But nobody did, after the first couple weeks hardly anybody commented on them. I also inspired my mom to go get Invisalign braces, and started noticing that lots of adults I met had braces, too.

How have braces made an impact on your confidence?

Immediately, my confidence increased because braces were like a public announcement to the world “Yes, I know they’re crooked, I’m fixing them.” I was single and I had read somewhere that something like 40% of people say they wouldn’t want to date someone with crooked teeth. 8 months after I got braces, I met and started dating the most amazing guy ever. I’m not saying those things are related, I’m just saying it happened. Anyway, my confidence has seen a huge boost in general. I feel like I can smile and laugh without covering my mouth, and I don’t worry about people judging me or assuming things about me just because my teeth are crooked. I don’t have this huge overjet anymore and I’m not so self conscious when having my picture taken.

What is the biggest difference you have noticed since getting your braces off?

The biggest difference I’ve noticed is that my teeth suddenly feel smooth and weird. I must have gotten used to those braces. Also, it’s WAY easier to eat. And since my teeth aren’t crooked anymore, AND I have the braces off, I can floss so much more easily. You don’t think you’ll miss flossing normally, but trust me, you do.

How was McDonough different from other orthodontists?

I’ve only been to the one orthodontist but the best thing about it was that they put up with my shenanigans. And they smiled and were pleasant and nice about it. I really felt like the whole experience was as painless as possible, considering they attached metal wires to my teeth and moved them around in my face. Actually it was incredibly well worth it. Dr. McDonough is a bit of a perfectionist but thankfully not too much of one because he let me take my braces off early. Though everyone else should totally take advantage of that and get their grill perfect.

What did you enjoy of the atmosphere at McDonough’s office?

They recently had their office renovated and it’s just really open and communal and friendly in there. Everyone seems to get along great and they’re all friendly and supportive of each other. All the other patients I ran into seemed cheerful and relaxed, too.

What is one piece of advice you have for others looking to get braces?

If you want to get braces, go with a doctor who knows what he’s doing. I’ve seen and heard from a lot of people since I got my braces who have told me about doctor shenanigans that just made me cringe. Like they were given bad advice, or bad service, and their teeth wound up aligned poorly. It’s worth it to go with the doctor with experience and expertise, seeing as how you’re going to be stuck with those teeth forever.

Thanks Cheryl for all the laughs you have brought to our office!

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