New Year’s Resolutions for Braces & Invisalign® Patients

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Happy New Year from all of here at McDonough Orthodontics! We hope you had a great holiday. Traditionally this time of year we reflect on the past and make resolutions to do better in the New Year. It is like starting the year with a clean slate. So no matter how you did last year, you can get started in the New Year on the right foot.  Here are some resolutions you might want to consider so that you progress well on straightening your teeth:

#1 Practice your oral hygiene.

Patients who wear braces are more susceptible to gum disease. Braces consist of metal bands, wires, and brackets that are bonded to the teeth. With so many components, it can be challenging to clean hard-to-reach areas. As a result, plaque accumulates along the gum line and around the brackets. This increases the chance of gum disease. Therefore,  it is even more important to keep your teeth and gums in tip-top shape throughout your treatment.

Although flossing with your braces may be more difficult, it will help you get rid of  food that may get trapped inside your braces and between your teeth.

#2 Keep your orthodontic appointments.

We schedule your appointments with you so that we can keep you progressing as expected through your teeth straightening process. At your  follow-up visits or “adjustment appointments” we replace worn-out bands, check your progress, and make adjustments as needed. If part of your braces has become loosened, damaged, or broken, we will handle the problem during your visit. When you do not keep your regular appointments it can extend the time you will need to wear braces.

With Invisalign, while you don’t need adjustments, your occasional check-ups let us keep your progress on schedule.

#3 Stick to your treatment plan.

How well you stick to your treatment plan will decide how long you will need to wear braces or Invisalign. Therefore, always wear them as directed to get the best results.

#4 Avoid sticky, chewy, or hard foods.

Avoid any hard and/or sticky foods. For example, the following foods can damage your braces and they also can get stuck between your brackets and wires.


Nuts Jerky Taffy
Caramels Licorice Peanut Butter
Candied Apples Chewy candy Popcorn
Lolli Pops Popsicles Raw apples & carrots

Fun foods you can eat!

Ice Cream Cake Pudding
Jello Cheesecake Soft cookies
Soft Fruits Ravioli Macaroni & Cheese
Spaghetti with ground meat sauce Mashed Potatoes Loaded Baked Potatoes

The Taste of Home website has 50 braces-friendly recipes. Give some a try!. Give some a try!

#5 Keep track of your aligners.

You may find it difficult sometimes to keep track of your aligners. The aligners are designed in stages to get you to where you want to be – straight teeth and a great smile. It is not usually an option to skip ahead to the next set because each tray is programmed to achieve specific tooth movements. For this reason, if you lose an aligner, we have you come into the office to get it replaced. So, find out what works bests for you to keep track of your aligners.

#6 If you have not started with your braces or aligners, get started now!

This is a great time to get started on your braces or aligners.  With everyone making their New Year’s resolutions, now is a great time to make a change.

We wish you the best 2021,

Dr. David McDonough
McDonough Orthodontics

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