No more Goop!

By September 15, 2016Uncategorized

At McDonough Orthodontics we have identified 7 Core Values that guide our practice.  One of those values is Progressive.  For us it is important that we stay up to date on the latest research, techniques, services and equipment.  We talk about “practicing orthodontics the way it should be practiced in the year 2016 not 1970”.  That’s why in our office you won’t find a VCR, amber tinted glasses, doctors with side burns, or shag carpet.

One of the ways we’re honoring this value this month is by adding a 3D digital scanner called the iTero.

itero-scannerThis is an amazing piece of equipment that is saving our Invisalign patients the discomfort of taking traditional impressions by scanning their teeth and creating a computerized model. We get a more accurate impression that we transmit directly to Invisalign in seconds.  For our patients the experience should be quick and easy, their aligners will be in the office sooner, and the fit will be better.  Better fitting aligners give a better end result and we all love that.

So, if you’ve been thinking about improving your smile, come in today for a free evaluation and experience the difference of a Progressive orthodontic office — McDonough Orthodontics.


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