Orthodontic Care in Salt Lake City

Drs. Mark and David McDonough are Utah boys
through and through, and they’re committed to
ensuring that the people of Salt Lake City have the
beautiful smiles they deserve. With more than 40 years
of combined orthodontic experience, they are the
orthodontic team of choice in Utah.

With all of that experience comes a multitude of benefits. First,
you’re sure to receive the best possible emergency care as a
patient of McDonough Orthodontics. At McDonough Orthodontics, we
go above and beyond to ensure someone is always available to care for you.
Second, dentists love us. You know that you’re in the hands of Salt Lake City’s
finest when dentists frequently refer their own family members to us.

If you’re a Salt Laker in search of a beautiful, straight smile for either yourself or a family member, look no further than the professionals at McDonough Orthodontics!

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