Proper Retainer Care

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After you are finished with your braces, your orthodontic care doesn’t just stop here. In most situations, a retainer is required after braces to ensure your teeth will remain in the correct position as time passes. Many people will need to wear their retainer at all times for the first couple of months, transitioning later to wearing it only at night. This is different for every patient, and will be addressed by Dr. McDonough at the time of your visit.


Keeping it safe

Your retainer will be molded to fit your teeth perfectly. Although they are built strong, the wiring that fits around the front of your teeth can easily bend when pressure is applied in the wrong places. To prevent a problem from happening, make sure that you keep your retainer either in your mouth or in its case at all times. Not only will this prevent it from becoming damaged, but it can prevent it from becoming lost.

One of the most common ways to lose or damage a retainer happens when they are wrapped in Kleenex or a napkin while you are eating. Instead of keeping your retainer safe from germs, this is the easiest way to get it mistaken with trash. Although it is encouraged to take your retainers out to eat and brush your teeth, make sure it is kept secure in its case during this time.


Your retainer is durable, but needs to be cleaned properly. Neglecting to do so will leave your retainer with a foul smell. Every morning your retainer needs to be rinsed off. Do this in cold water and brush it with your toothbrush and toothpaste. Doing this right after wearing the retainer will prevent oral bacteria and odors from building up.

Although you can use retainer cleaners or denture cleaners to get a deeper clean, never let your retainer soak in mouth wash. This can do damage to the design. In addition to this, never use hot water to rinse them. The heat may melt the plastic portion. If there has been any damage done to your retainer, don’t wear it, but bring it in to the orthodontist to have it fixed or replaced.

Take the best care of your retainer. If you have any problems with the maintenance, call us at McDonough Orthodontics. Set up an appointment to ensure your retainer is free from damage, and in the best shape possible. By doing this your teeth will remain straight after braces.


By +Cassie Costner

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