The Truth About Braces

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Top Questions Teens Have About Braces

Finding out you have to get braces can be a difficult time for pre teens. Emotionally and physically these teens are already going through so much that the last thing they would want to learn is that they will have to spend the next few years with metal brackets in their mouth.

A lot of questions come up when the decision to transform your mouth comes into play. Will I look ugly? Can I still kiss my boyfriend? Will the alarm go off in the security line at the airport? These are all acceptable concerns. The last thing you would want to do is completely ruin your popularity at such a crucial time of your life.

Will They Be Obvious?

Braces can be fun. Think of it like a new accessory. You get to pick out a cute new color to put on them after every visit to the orthodontist. It is easy to let the look of metal make you self-conscious but don’t let it. If you really hate them that much, luckily you have lips and can close your mouth. Plus, braces are very common among teens; you won’t be the only one dealing with them.

Can I still Go Through Metal Detectors?

Okay so it may sound silly but the last thing you would want to do is draw more attention to your metal filled mouth than at an airport. Don’t worry, we have all thought about it but luckily nothing will happen.  Braces are made out of lightweight, non-magnetic alloy so they won’t set off any alarms. On that same note you don’t pick up any unwanted radio stations in your mouth either.

Can I Kiss Someone With Braces?

Biggest question of them all, yes, you can kiss someone with or without braces. It may not be the best kiss of your life but today’s brackets are so small and compact that you would have to try really hard to get them stuck together. This doesn’t mean it is not possible but as long as you are careful you will be fine.

By: Nicole Jensen

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