We Are Open!

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We are open! with silly pictures of the dentists around it

We are happy to announce that we are now fully open for all orthodontic treatments. Our office takes pride in following the strict hygiene standards directed by the American Association of Orthodontists to ensure your and our safety. Additionally, we have put in place a specific treatment protocol to further ensure your safety and health. We are also very excited to tell you about our virtual consultations. 

When You Make an Appointment

Here is what you can expect when you make an appointment to come into our office:

  1. We have designated parking spaces for our office. Please park in one of these spaces.
  2. Once you arrive, remain in your car and text us that you have arrived.
  3. One of the members of our caring team will come out and greet you. They will take the patient’s temperature to ensure they are not ill.
  4. We can only take the patient into the office at this time. Any family member/s will have to wait outside the office.

Please understand that this protocol is for everyone’s safety.

SmileSnap Virtual Consultation Now Available!

SmileSnap is a virtual consultation tool designed for doing orthodontic consultations online. It is available for both new and existing patients. You simply fill out a form, take some selfie-photos of your teeth and send them to us. We can get back to you in a relatively short time and give you a consultation. That’s right; you can get an orthodontic consultation right in the safety of your own home! SmileSnap is the leading Smile Assessment and Virtual Consultation tool for the industry. You simply click the button and you will gain access to the tool.

To get started:

Go to our website home page.  

Scroll down the page until you see SmileSnap Virtual Consultation Now Available.

Then click on the box: Start Your Online Consultation

We would like to encourage you to give it a try!


Whether you come in for your orthodontic treatment or receive a virtual consultation, we are ready to service you. Giving you a beautiful and healthy smile is our passion. Stay safe and healthy!


Dr. David McDonough
McDonough Orthodontics

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