What is Digital Indirect Bonding?

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Digital indirect bonding allows us to precisely place the brackets on your teeth for the most optimum results. We use a computer-guided system that creates a digital impression of your teeth. From this, we can immediately see the end-of-treatment prescribed position of your teeth before your treatment even begins. Here is how the process goes:

  1. Firstly, we create a digital impression of your teeth. This process only takes a few minutes. This provides us with a replica of your mouth.
  2. Next, using the digital impression, we create an exact model of your teeth. Using the model, I go in and precisely position each bracket where it should go on each tooth.
  3. Then we create a custom tray that allows us to transfer the brackets from the lab model to your teeth. This is why it is called indirect bonding.
  4.  We create a custom tray that allows us to transfer the brackets from the lab model to your teeth.
  5. When your brackets are ready, we schedule you to come in to have them placed on your teeth. The brackets are then transferred from the tray onto your teeth.

Advantages of Digital Indirect Bonding

There are great advantages to this modern technique for placing the brackets on your teeth:

  • With conventional braces, each bracket has to be individually placed on your teeth one at a time. This takes much longer and is a bit more uncomfortable. Using Digital Indirect Bonding it is a much quicker process. This means less time in the chair for you and less time having to sit with cheek retractors holding your mouth wide open. Traditional braces installation can take around 40-60 minutes. Whereas, digital indirect bonding installation can take just 15-25 minutes!
  • This process is typically more precise. When we place the brackets on your lab model we can rotate the model 360 degrees as needed to visualize every angle and every detail. This is not possible when we have to place the brackets directly on your teeth.
  • It allows us from day one to straighten your teeth more accurately. This means a smoother and quicker process for you.
  • Also, due to the quicker process of bonding the brackets, there is less chance of saliva affecting the bonding of the brackets to your teeth. This means less chance of your brackets coming loose during treatment.

Final Words

Here at McDonough Orthodontics in Murray, Utah, we understand there is a lot of commitment that goes with the decision to get braces.  This is why we do everything we can to advance you through your treatment as quickly and as comfortably as we can. We know the result is well worth it!

Please contact us if you have any questions about digital indirect bonding or getting braces.

Wishing you all the best,

Dr. David McDonough
McDonough Orthodontics

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